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Bone density improved by 10%

Upon receiving a diagnosis of senile osteoporosis, my doctor recommended that I meet with Maggie three times a week. Although it is about 80 miles round trip, my doctor assured me that Maggie was the right trainer to help me achieve my goals because of her in-depth knowledge about the BEST Study, which was a project conducted by researchers at the University of Arizona that identified the most effective exercises to prevent and treat osteoporosis.


From the beginning of my program, I was impressed by Maggie’s listening skills and the way she implemented my needs with the most appropriate program. Any time my body reacted uncomfortably, she instantly modified the exercise. She researched alternatives when any special situation arose.




I have learned a lot since beginning my program: The human body is a marvelous thing and regrettably I have never been kind to mine: lack of sleep, lack of exercise, bad food choices and stress.  With Maggie’s patience, prodding and knowledge, I have a deeper appreciation of what proper training can mean for achieving one’s goals. Before my DEXA results, I took my body for granted. When it “broke down”, I was shocked. With personal training, my body is healing. I am becoming stronger and wiser.

My most important goal was to stop/slow down/reverse the osteoporosis through weight bearing exercise and no drugs. After 14 months, my DEXA scan revealed that I had improved my bone density by 10%. My condition is no longer classified as osteoporosis; in fact it is now osteopenia, which is considered “pre-osteoporosis”. My doctor was astounded at the results.


(Note from Anne’s trainer: If Anne’s story were to be made into a commercial, I would have to include the disclaimer “results not typical.” Most people do not make the type of commitment that Anne has made to achieve her results. In addition to seeing me three times a week for an hour, she has implemented some dietary changes and has included weight bearing activity in addition to our training sessions. While I cannot guarantee that every client I see will receive this outcome, I will guarantee to give them the same level of attention and expertise. ~ MR)


Advice from Anne: “Find the best trainer for your condition… one who truly listens to your body’s needs.  Make sure you vocalize how your body reacts so that the trainer can maximize the benefits.  Be realistic and patient. Don’t expect instant results.”

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