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Don't just take my word for it. I have happy clients of all ages. Read below to hear their stories in their own words:



I found Maggie online while looking for a trainer that would specifically help me build muscle and strengthen my bones. My goal was to find someone who could provide me with a program of correct and safe exercises for my osteoporosis diagnosis.

I fell in my bathroom and severely broke my wrist. I was only in my 50’s at the time, but I asked my doctor if I could possibly have osteoporosis. He sent me for a scan and sure enough I did. I was sent to an Endocrinologist who put me on two different types of medication over the span of 3 years, one that I currently still take.

Within that time my husband was diagnosed with cancer, and I became a caregiver for 2 years. After he died and I sold our business and our home, covid hit and so did the stress from loss and change. I lost weight which was not going to be helpful to my bone loss, and after covid settled down I decided I needed to do more.

Although the meds are working, training allows me to see and feel my results. I am doing exercises that I know will also help me prevent falls in the future and keep me moving. I want to thoroughly enjoy my third act. Training helps me feel in control of the active lifestyle I hope to keep.


I don’t think there is anything that would have prevented my buying Maggie’s services. She is experienced and knowledgeable in training someone with osteoporosis. I couldn’t find that anywhere else.  I find what I receive from Maggie is worth every penny.

I liked Maggie right from the start. She listens to me and answers my questions. If she doesn’t know she finds out. She is also fun and so enthusiastic. The program she set for me felt right. She started slow and built up the weight and progression each week. Maggie doesn’t push, she encourages you to push yourself. She cheers you on as you reach your next goal. It is a very positive and fulfilling workout. She assures you that it is her goal to see you succeed. Each week I improve and that is an awesome feeling.


I notice a positive difference in my posture and how I feel. I have more energy, feel stronger, and have greater ease at getting up and down. Not only have I gained strength, I have also improved my balance and coordination which has allowed me to become more confident in my favorite pastimes of hiking and playing pickleball.

I’ve learned that training makes me feel good inside and out. I feel stronger, younger, and more confident. I feel as though I can do anything I set my mind to. It has helped me in moving my life forward. Even if you don’t currently have osteoporosis, but maybe just osteopenia, training can help you prevent that diagnosis from happening and possibly from having to receive medication injections. Training is assuring yourself a path to help your body stay strong as you age which in turn will help you stay active for longer and continue enjoying your life.


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