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Ginny K.

I had three falls in 18 months, and although I never had a fracture, the last time I fell, I

dislocated my finger and hit my head. I had also been diagnosed with osteopenia

and had read that lifting weights could strengthen bone. To that end, I looked up personal trainers that could help with osteoporosis, and I found Maggie.

My first impression of Maggie was so positive. She is personable, kind, easy- going and fun! Because of her experience, she was able to design a program that was challenging but also within my physical limitations. 

I am pleased with the results of my program. 

My strength and balance have greatly improved. I'm so proud that I can lift 15 pounds over my head. Having strength is empowering! I have also noticed that getting up from kneeling to standing is much easier. I don’t need assistance!

I would advise anyone interested in beginning a strength training program to find a trainer who makes you feel comfortable and who has the experience and knowledge you need.

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