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Donna F.

With a clear-cut diagnosis of osteoporosis and a recent rib fracture, I looked for a trainer who could develop a program that would increase strength in legs and upper extremities and improve bone density. I found Maggie’s program to be targeted, well-rounded, varied enough not to be boring, and much of it was transferable to do at home.

Working out with a trainer has made me realize that it is very helpful to have someone to “report to” to keep the routine of training going at a regular pace. I am feeling stronger already even though I am in the early stages of the program and can definitely feel strength building in my legs as I go about activities of daily living like climbing the 13 stairs in my house.

It is clear that a skilled trainer can help you target strengthening without aggravating areas of the body that may be a problem for you (arthritis, decreased range of motion, etc.)

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