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Melinda F.

I began a personal training program with Maggie in June 2016. Soon after, it struck me how she is attuned to the subtleties of the human bone and muscular structure.  Her routines are fun, challenging and surprising. 



Heart disease was the leading cause of death in my extended family.

Osteoporosis intervention at Building Better Bones and Muscles

In March 2015, I was diagnosed as having acute osteoporosis with high risk of fracture.  No one in my family had ever been diagnosed with osteoporosis.  Thus, I was under the illusion that in old age I would need to be on guard for heart attack or stroke; so I mistakenly concentrated on doing aerobic workouts.  I avoided doing weights, which I found boring.

If I had realized how important both forms of exercise are, I might have spared myself years of bone loss. When I started weight-training with Maggie, I was afraid to rely on my left knee and its ligaments to support my body while doing step or jumping jacks.  I thought I might fall.  Now my left leg feels strong and I feel a sense of empowerment when I work with weights. I’m proud of the amount of weight I can lift!


I would encourage a potential “newbie,” to first consult with his/her physician before beginning a personal training program.  Then I’d hand him/her one of Maggie’s business cards, whole-heartedly encouraging each to seek her expertise. 

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