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Rinn is 15 years post operatively following a medication error that caused multiple brain bleeds (subdural Hematoma) and a number of strokes. This traumatic brain injury caused short term memory loss and weakness and numbness on her right side. Over the last few years her weight has also increased by about 40 pounds. On the advice of her neurologist and primary care physician we decided to add physical training to her life in the attempt to improve her condition.


Mobile fitness training in Tucson, AZ

As Rinn’s Patient Advocate I contacted personal trainers in her area. Maggie was suggested to me by two of her colleagues. Upon meeting Maggie and observing her interaction with Rinn, I thought the program was very comprehensive and allowed for expansion as time went on. Maggie’s energy level and compassion with Rinn is notable and Rinn responds in kind.
Although Rinn’s weight has remained the same, her memory and stability are improved. Rinn is learning that exercise can be fun. It is not the chore she expected. She feels better, has more energy and her attitude toward exercise is positive.

Christine Cornett RN CNOR RNPA
RN Patient Advocate of Tucson LLC
960 S Pantano Road
Tucson Arizona 85710-5811
Phone 520-477-6481
Cell: 520-471-6725

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