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In-home senior fitness training


I decided to stop smoking in 2000, so I joined a health club to help keep me from gaining weight. I first met Maggie in an exercise class that she taught, and soon after decided to hire her as a personal trainer. As it turns out, Maggie was a much better habit to keep than smoking!

Over the course of our years together, she has helped me through health challenges, including having a stroke, rehabilitation from the stroke, and transitioning to an assisted living facility, where she continues to train me three times a week.

During our sessions, she is attentive to my needs, and there is a healthy dose of humor while I am doing tasks that I would not enjoy having to do on my own. Those tasks address balance, strength, endurance, coordination, and cognitive tasks, such as counting backwards, or just having to talk while I am exercising!

If you are considering a healthier lifestyle, I highly recommend scheduling a session with Maggie.


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