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Joan H.


When a Dexa scan at age 68 (long overdue) showed that I had moderate-to-severe osteoporosis, I was aghast. I tried to do plenty of weight-bearing exercise - actually, just walking, but I knew that wasn't enough. When one of my gym buddies saw me stretching by reaching down to touch my toes and told me that was a definite no-no for osteoporosis, I thought I'd better do some research online before I did something really stupid! The information helped, but I realized that I needed some supervision to get maximum benefit - well, alright, just to do anything at all!

When I googled "osteoporosis personal training," up popped Maggie Rappaport's name - and on MY side of town! After an initial interview and a look at her studio and equipment, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for.

Maggie was just the right blend of fun and hard work, backed up by solid theory from her own training. She knew when to push and when to back off or redirect based on my own physical idiosyncrasies. The exercises were just demanding enough to challenge without overdoing it.

After trying to perform some of the exercises on my own at home, I realized that while I could do a whole workout on my own, I wouldn't; I needed someone to give me incentive and encouragement. The variety of exercises kept my interest, and I felt we were covering the whole gamut of pertinent muscle groups and stressing the right bones.

Maggie gives you the know-how to exercise safely and effectively at home or while traveling, but for me, nothing beats having your trainer right by your side. I would find this especially true for someone just embarking on a personal fitness program.

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