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8 Commandments of Proper Lifting

Lower, upper, spinal or otherwise, experiencing back pain is almost an aging rite of passage. Consider that four out of every five people will experience back pain in their lifetime, and sprains and strains are the numbers one injury resulting in days away from work!

For workers, that pain is often the result of poor lifting techniques. Just like most personal protective equipment (PPE), back supports are supplemental safety products and are the “last line of defense” in a proper lifting program. They are meant to provide lower back and abdominal support, but they can only do so much.

The worker should first learn how to wear supports properly and how to put sound lifting techniques into practice before turning to a supplemental safety product. Following the eight commandments of proper lifting is good place to start…

  1. Plan the Lift and Test the Load

  2. Ask for Help if Load is Unmanageable

  3. Get a Firm Footing

  4. Bend at the Knees

  5. Tighten the Stomach Muscles

  6. Lift with Your Legs (not with your back)

  7. Keep the Load Close to Your Body

  8. Keep Your Back Upright

Watch the below video to see this instruction in action.

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